15 February 2007

Some Guinness Fun

And no, I'm not talking about the beer...I mean Guinness, Super Dog! He has finally updated his blog with some Valentine's Day pictures...so check it out!

14 February 2007

Cupid Vomited On My Desk!*

As my friends know, I don't like pink...and I'm not one of those who likes all the hearts and flowers of Valentine's Day. Too Girly. Which is why when I walked into work this morning the first thing I said was not a cheerful "hello" but instead was a four lettered profanity beginning with an s ending with hit. There are no words for what my desk looked like this morning...you'll have to just admire it yourselves. Unfortunately my dazed reaction to what I discovered upon getting to work is immortalized on camera because Craig was soooo sweet (NOT!) and hid a video camera and caught every single swear word and glazed over look. No, JJ...this video WILL NOT GO ON YOUTUBE.COM!!! And as for you, Josh...you got me good this time..but could we just stick with roses in the future? Actually don't even bother answering that question, I already know what you'll say. *sigh*

*Ali's description...not mine, however I felt it was quite fitting.

07 February 2007

lime in da coconut

Youtube.com is an evil evil site...hours can be spent watching video after video. However, there are some really great videos to be found. One that I just found is the original video made to the lime in the coconut song by Harry Nilsson. I recommend you all check it out for a good laugh and enjoyment. Harry Nilsson was brilliant...absolutely brilliant :-) Be sure that you watch it all the way through...my favorite part is at the very end with the coconut.