18 March 2010

Birthday fun

It was my birthday this past week and I took the day off work (shocking!) to relax and have some fun out and about in the city...since I've been feeling a little cooped up doing nothing but moving and house sitting. After relaxing a bit in the morning I was taken out to lunch at Palisade's, which was a real treat with great food and a view of Elliot Bay.

Then it was off to downtown and the Pike Place Market:

...where I was treated to some beautiful birthday flowers. You can't do better than Pike Place Market flowers, they're the best:

Wandered around a bit and even visited the gum wall. I was especially taken by these mutilated peeps:

...and this graffiti wall including some art by Henry:

After a brief stop to walk and feed the dog it was off to dinner at one of my favorite french food locals, Gainsbourg:

Where you can enjoy some yummy food and drinks while watching movies of Gainsbourg performing:

...or other french movies. They obviously knew it was my birthday cause they played Amélie later that night.

Can't go wrong with French onion soup and a Kir Royal!

I think it was a good time had by all...especially the key monsters!

Spring Flowers

Spring has sprung already in Seattle...we've got flowers blooming everywhere, and for a while now. I've been going on lots of walks recently and finally started carrying around my camera so I could capture some of the blooms: