27 April 2006

And this makes sense how?

  • Exxon's $8B 1Q profit is 5th highest ever

  • It's amazing to me that the oil companies are getting away with this right now. Are people not outraged enough by these numbers compared to gas prices these days? And don't even get me started on what Bush came up with a few days ago for his plan to lower gas prices.

    25 April 2006

    Shoshone Land Rights

    For anyone with an interest in native american issues and their fight against government practices and laws, this is an interesting article...and of course it's from The Sunday Times Magazine UK and not from some US magazine or paper.

  • Defiance in the Land of the Free
  • 24 April 2006

    21 April 2006

    19 April 2006

    Fremont Outdoor Movies

    OK people, I just found out that the list of movies for the outdoor films in fremont is out! So for those of you in Seattle, time to start filling in your calendars cause you know that I'll be trying to drag y'all to see my favorites! And they have some awesome films on the list this year! Without further ado:

    Good Old Fashioned Summer Fun in Fremont
    2006 Seattle Summer Schedule

    Saturday, June 24th - Movie: Kung Fu Hustle

    Saturday, July 1st - Movie: Shrek 2

    Saturday, July 8th - Movie: Black Scorpion

    Saturday, July 15th - Movie: Labyrinth

    Saturday, July 22nd - Movie: Shaun of the Dead

    Saturday, July 29th - Movie: Grease

    Saturday, August 5th - Movie: The Manster

    Saturday, August 12th - Movie: March of the Penguins

    Saturday, August 19th - Movie: Bend it like Beckham

    Saturday, August 26th - Movie: It! The Terror from OuterSpace

    Saturday, September 2nd - Movie: King Kong

    Of course if you know me at all you should be able to guess which ones will be my must sees...Kung Fu Hustle, Labyrinth, Shaun of the Dead, March of the Penguins, Bend it like Beckham...and then three the of the above movies will be Twisted Flicks so I'll also have to go to at least one of those...I'm thinkig maybe It! The Terror from OuterSpace (cause I'm almost 100% sure that one will be a Twister Flick..and for those that don't know what I'm talking about..the Twisted Flicks are when Jet City Improve members perform all the dialogue, soudeffects and music for the film and all original sounds from the film are taken out...hilarious good times).


    David Horsey cartoon from todays Seattle PI.

    13 April 2006

    Crash! Bang!

    Had a strange morning at work today...we received several calls from clients all worried because they heard through the grapevine that a car had crashed into the studio! Apparently there was something about this on the local news last night. I think that it's another Art & Soul Gallery which is not in Seattle, but one of those bordering towns somewhere like Lynnwood because upon reaching work today the studio was whole and healthy. In any case, these clients all had friends who saw said news broadcast and then reported to their artist friends, "hey, your photographers/printers had a car drive into their studio!" I will admit that it is a bit strange to receive a call in which a client is freaking out because they think there is a car that has run over their art while in our care...all I could think to do is walk down to the front of the studio, look around and then shrug and say, "nope, no car in here."

    12 April 2006

    musical excitment!!!

    I just found out that one of my favorite musical groups, Amadou and Mariam are coming to town!!! They will be playing at the Showbox (not my favorite venue, but whatever..it's Amadou and Mariam!!!!!!!) on June 20th. Super excited! Must get tickets! Although I don't know who would want to come with me, since the only person I know who would probably go is my dad. hmmm.

    hack hack

    So what's the deal with getting sick in the spring time? I don't get it...although even worse, I suppose, is getting sick in the summer. In any case, if you couldn't already tell...I'm sick! bah. And it's my own fault too...have been working quite a bit lately cause things are crazy busy at work...then there was the opening on Saturday so that was even more work and then for some reason Sunday night I could not sleep..not a wink! So of course, woke up monday with a sore throat...I figured it would go away pretty quickley, but noooooo. It's wednesday and I've still got it! On the plus side it is JUST a sore throat, even though it's kind of annoying I'll live ;-) On the other plus side I get to drink yummy lemon and honey drinks that my mom makes for me. I even had one to go this morning....mmmmm. There's something very soothing and happy about hot water, fresh squeezed lemon juice and tons of honey.

    11 April 2006

    long time no write

    It's been forever and a day since I last wrote on here, so I thought I'd finally put something up so that the St. Patricks Day cartoon will go away. Work has been crazy busy so I haven't really had the chance to take time for blogging...and speaking of work, I'd like to give a public shout-out to Alison...thanks for the talking monkey ecard..that was AWESOME!!!

    OK, so let's see...what to write...what to write. Well, I guess I can do a quick recap of the last several weeks. I'll start with my bday which turned out to be an awesome celebration that lasted about two weeks. It included a great Paperboys concert at the Tripledoor, extreme ironing, dinner at Costas Opa and getting shiny blue Greek worry beads, the best birthday cards from Lisa's fourth grade class (who think I'm the desk fairy) and an awesome birthday song sung over the phone with cha cha chas (I still have that message saved on my phone, it's just too cute), going up to Vancouver for the first time ever and loving it, also including meeting some very sweet friends of Naomis who got married that weekend (this trip also included lots and lots and lots of asian food, with a three hour post-wedding chinese dinner, yum). There was a lot more, but that's all I have the energy to recollect for the moment. Basically turning 25 became a big old party that didn't want to end :-) and I've stopped stressing about the white hair...it can grow as it pleases.

    Since the trip to Canada work has been crazy crazy crazy so there hasn't been too much to report, except that I saw Anna Nalick at the Tractor Tavern which was a lot of fun. Most people there didn't really seem to know her music, and there was a really super drunk lady who has practically body slamming people..and who did she decide to stand (if you can call what she was doing "standing") next to? Oh yes, that would be me. But besides that it was a lot of fun.

    hmm, what else...oh! Had a weird experience yesterday when walking home from work. I was waiting at a light and heard the chugging sound of an old truck also at the light. The sound immediately brought up memories of going to Maine when I was a kid with my grandparents to visit my sort of adopted grandparents. Anyway, the truck sound reminded me of the sound of the boat motor when we'd go out on the water island hopping or fishing. All of a sudden I could practically smell the Maine ocean. It was a super strong sensory memory and kind of weird...but also made me wish I was back there now, but especially with those certain grandparents/adopted grandparents who are no longer around.

    One last thought..I love springing forward and the fact that there is sunshine when I walk out the door after work..even when I get out late! Makes me happy...can't wait till the weather warms up even more! Summer and all the fun that includes in Seattle will be here very soon! Can't wait!