25 June 2007

It's summer!

Forget the summer solstice, the real way you know it's summer in Fremont is when the outdoor movies start up...which was this past weekend (although I didn't realize this until just today). Here's the line-up for this summer...I really can't wait for some of these, like the twisted flicks (where Jet City Improve takes over the dialogue and sound effects to B movies...they're great!)

So if you're in Seattle, or coming to visit (*cough* JJ or Leah *cough*) check out the schedule and let me know if y'all want to see any movies with me!

Good Old Fashioned Summer Fun in Fremont
2007 Seattle Summer Schedule
Saturday, June 23 - Movie: Fiend without a Face - TWISTED FLICK - Disguise Yourself Night
Saturday, June 30 - Movie: Airplane! - Disaster Night
Saturday, July 7 - Movie: The Neverending Story - Fantasy Night
Saturday, July 14 - Movie: Santa Claus - TWISTED FLICK - Christmas in July!
Saturday, July 21 - Movie: An Inconvenient Truth - Save the World Night
Saturday, July 28 - Movie: This is Spinal Tap - Rock and Roll Night
Saturday, August 4 - Movie: Moulin Rouge - Green Fairy Night
Saturday, August 11 - Movie: Cat-Women on the Moon - TWISTED FLICK - Space Alien Night
Saturday, August 18 - Movie: Casino Royale (2006) - Bond Night
Saturday, August 25 - Movie: The Princess Bride - Storybook Night
Saturday, September 1 - Movie: Dreamgirls - Showtunes Night
Saturday, September 8 - Movie: She Demons - TWISTED FLICK - B-Movie Night
Saturday, September 15 - Movie: The Sound of Music - Pre-Oktoberfest Night