30 March 2008

while in NYC....

...I'll be posting some blog entries on the joint blog with Janet and Bekah, Aimless Wanderings.

We'll be posting pictures too...so check it out! And thank you Bekah for letting JJ and I take over your laptop to play on the internet and upload our pictures so that we can make these blog entries possible. You're the best! (and I love your keyboard...it's so fun to type on!)

p.s. Leah & Dan, if you guys are reading this I will be in touch soon about trying to see you guys, even if just briefly. Still not sure of what the schedule is like for next week, but will try to figure that all out soon! I can't wait to see you guys again and meet Rascal!

27 March 2008


Just thought I'd write a brief blog to say that I'll be going on vacation for two weeks in NYC. I'll try my best to write while I'm over there (JJ, Beks...maybe some joint blogging?). At the very least I'll be be back in a couple of weeks with pictures and hopefully some interesting stories.

24 March 2008

Birthday Bonanza

I celebrated my birthday recently with a happy hour/ice hockey game party and have some pictures to share from the event. I'm just amazed that we didn't get kicked out of the cocktail lounge between everyone dumping out their party bags all over the place and the scavenger hunt that was set up with birds scattered throughout the premises and toys flying every which way. It was a mad house...just the way I like it! These pictures are dedicated to Janet. Wish you could have been there my friend but we'll have fun for your bday with Beks in New York very very soon!

Yay jello cocktails

All decked out.

The Ingy gang!

Jonah, party planner extraordinaire!

Don't know what to say about this...there are just no words ;)

10 March 2008