28 July 2009

Europe update...brief

Ok, so I´ve been told that I need to update this blog...since we´re leaving Barcelona this morning for France and we don´t know what our internet access will be like the rest of this trip I thought I´d quickly write something up before scarfing down my breakfast and making a run to the train. Man, sorry for the run on sentences but this is going to be a non edited write up.

So, Barcelona has been a blast...Lisa and I can´t believe that our stay here is already over! We saw tons of neat Modernisme architecture and went to the Salvador Dali museum, which apart from the crowds was an amazing place! Highly recommend it! We also saw the black virgin statue at Montserrat Monastery and hiked around the mountain yesterday. We did TONS of people watching from our balcany overlooking the main tourist street, the Rambla and got to recognize all the local characters, from the homeless who sleep on the benches at knight to all the different street peformers.

And that´s just a little of what we´ve been doing and seeing.

I´ll try to update with another blog if I can...pictures will have to wait until I get home...sorry jj!!

Now I have to run!!