27 March 2007

aimless wanderings cubed

yimfay, wunderhund and I have merged our brains into one cohesive blogging element. Hmm, that sounds weird. What I meant was that we have joined forces to write on one single blog. I'll still be writing here, but check out our new space as well for more random things to read:

aimless wanderings cubed

And as soon as I get around to downloading some pictures I'll have a new entry for this blog as well! Promise!

23 March 2007

Moisture Festival

Last night I had the best time at this great event that happens a stones throw from my house every year (and to which I have never gone before last night cause apparently I'm lame). Anyway, this fun time to which I have alluded was at the Moisture Festival, which takes place in the back of Hales Brewery every year in March. It's this great evening of comedy, music and variety show.

My favorite act was Godfrey Daniels (see the above image). He totally reminded me of my childhood on Linden Ave. when we used to have our street parties (the birth of the Fremont Solstice Parade). We used to have big puppets like him that would wander around during the street parties. Those were some great times. The other fun connection between those parties and last night was that there were quite a few faces in the audience last night that I remember from my childhood...it was like we had all gotten back together again after all these years :-)

For anyone in Seattle who hasn't been to the Moisture Festival before (like me), I highly recommend it!! So check it out!

07 March 2007

Examples of Spring

I realized that I needed to post some pictures to prove that spring really is here...so on my walk in to work this morning I got some shots (even though the sun is now gone and it's raining again..but that's ok since it's still relatively warm and not super freezing like in New England today). So here are some flowers for you all to look at, enjoy!

06 March 2007


Spring is here! The temps are in the 60's today in Seattle...all the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the spring flowers are starting to bloom. The sun is out, the skies are blue and it's really really really hard to be at work right now in our dark cave of a studio. We have the front doors wide open, but that kind of makes it worse since then the beautiful weather seems just out of reach. The sun is mocking me!!

Even though I'm stuck inside, I still have to say that this weather rocks! I remember when I was on the east coast at MHC and my parents would call me around this time of year while there was still winter weather all around me and they would start listing off all the flowers in bloom in our garden. It used to kill me! They were so mean. New England definitely has the best fall season...but the lack of spring always made me sad. I can deal with the rain and cloudiness as long as I know that we'll be getting these kinds of days...not to mention the incredible summers :-)

03 March 2007


I just purchased tickets for the Sasquatch Music Festival at the gorge on May 26th! So excited cause I'll FINALLY get to see Manu Chao perform live!!! Can't wait!!! There are other groups I'm thrilled to get to see live such as Bjork and Arcade of Fire...but really the only reason I'm going is to see Manu Chao...Bongo Bong Baby! ;-)