24 October 2007

United we stand...maybe

I was catching up on my reading of the (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography blog where there was a link to this Harper's Magazine article. In this article it discusses the merits of a general strike in this country on Election Day, November 6th. The idea being that a general strike would then force the Bush government out. But the article is interesting to read because it is bold in it's description of our society's complete lack of interest in politics and how our country is being run and the decisions that are being made in our name. So read this article...good food for thought.

23 October 2007

Summer in the Fall

So even though it's almost the end of October the weather has been pretty warm in a lot of the country...the east has been seeing temps in 70's (even though this is the time when they usually have their first frost if not first snow)...and now Seattle is having some of that warm weather. Today it's in the lower 70's and feels like summer even though the leaves are all changing. It's wonderful to be able to see bright orange and red leaves with the backdrop of a perfectly blue sky...not something we're used to here in Seattle. Of course the downside of all this warm weather here in the west can be seen if you check the news at all with images from the inferno that has enveloped southern California.

19 October 2007

walk abouts

Because of the photography scavenger hunts that I've been on I'm carrying my camera around with me a lot more as I walk around town...and taking some random pictures...here are two that I took the other day on my way home after work.


The next installment of the photography scavenger hunt is up online at the aimless wanderings blog. So check it out for lots of orange fun!

16 October 2007

JJ the camera-head

What a big eye you have...

03 October 2007

True Blue

Wanting to do some sort of activity with friends who live in different parts of the country is difficult...however, JJ, Beks and I are attempting just that with a photography scavenger hunt! Our first assignment was to photography blue things. We've taken our pictures and today's the day for the Blue Reveal! Ahem, except the other two won't have time to post their pictures on their blogs until this evening, so I'm a bit early. oh well, enjoy!

So here's some blue trivia along with some blue pictures: Ever wonder why a bride needs "something blue"...well, apparently to the early Israelites, blue was a symbol for love fidelity and purity (which is why most old paintings of the Madonna show her wearing blue).

A bit of science, blue light has the shortest wavelength range.

Here's a brave model who agreed to let me photograph her for this mad scheme...thanks Jonah, you're gorgeous all in blue!

The blue color, Azure, is the national color of Italy (the color of the former royal family).

In the Hindu tradition, those who are divine are blue. As a example would be the god Krishna.

And one last blue tidbit..in Japanese blue is "aoi" means innocence and inexperience.