28 December 2005

random thoughts

- Dear Leah, feel better hon!

- The Thunderbirds hockey team needs to get its act together, went to a game last night which we lost 3 to 4...to one of the worst teams in the league I was told...and there were only two wimpy fights! What's up with that?!?!?!

- Saw Aeon Flux...there's a character in the movie named Oona Flux, Aeon's sis. Didn't stick around for the credits to see if the name was spelled the same as mine. Mainly it was just weird to hear my name being spoken in a movie! Strangeness.

- Work is boring cause everyone is doing holiday things instead of needing art photographed or ordering prints. The phone has rung only once so far this morning...and it was just the boss checking in.

- Still waiting to find out what I'm doing for New Years, mainly I'm waiting for Lisa to make up her mind :-)

- The rain came back today after a days rest.

23 December 2005

ipod madness

I have been thinking of getting an ipod for a while now, but only within the last month or two has it become a wish that I was thinking of actually fulfilling. Well, funny thing happened today...I got an ipod in the mail from my totally awesome friends Bekah and JJ. Then while grinning like a fool and getting all excited at work (which is where said ipod arrived) found out that my dad (the coolest dad in the world) ALSO had ordered an ipod for me for Christmas! So, I go from having no ipod to having 2! But I figure that it'll be good to have two, that way if there is any sort of a problem with one of them then I'll have a back-up! This is kind of funny. And here I was planning and plotting how to buy myself one...then along come my super cool friends and father.

Thanks guys, you're the bestest!

oh, and Beks, JJ....I love the inscription...princess oonams...very cute :-)

22 December 2005

All Alone

Everyone at work has ditched me! I'm all alone, blasting music really loud while the phone remains quiet and of course no one is going to come in with work because it's Christmas this weekend! And if they don't already have their art done then now is WAY too late! So here I am all alone while Richard is off in Texas visiting family and Craig is off to Oregon for some of the same. The boss man is still around, except that he's printing elsewhere and I will only be seeing brief glimpses of him. One day of lonliness is bad enough, but I'm going to have to deal with two more after today. At least I have managed to convince some of my friends to come by and have picnic lunches with me (since I can't really leave the studio since who knows...maybe someone will come by with some work). I feel lucky to have such nice friends who will come cheer me up and make me feel less lonely :-) Now if only JJ would come on IM...then I'd have someone to chat with online while I do some paperwork.

21 December 2005

Winter Solstice

December 21st, the winter solstice...the shortest day of the year (in terms of sunshine). But since it's raining and overcast today that won't be too noticeable...seeing as how there is no sun to begin with. I love the winter solstice though, for the sole reason that from now on the days will be getting longer and summer is on its way!

20 December 2005

Relaxed and ready to go!

First, I would like to send a belated birthday shout-out to my aunt Melanie:


I meant to call or write on Saturday but I was sick and more sick over the weekend...then I wasn't at work yesterday so today is the first day with internet! phew! But you already know that I think you are cool and that I would naturally hope that you had an awesome birthday! So, Lobster Lucy...once again, happy birthday :-) Here's a big cyber hug from Seattle.

To my other aunt, Seaweed Sally, I would like to say that you can keep you 10 degrees at night temps...but I would be happy for some snow! It's too bad that its impossible to have snow in 80 degree weather. *sigh* That would be the ideal. It's sad when you miss snow, but can't stand cold temps. But it has started to rain again here in the Emerald city and so the temperatures here are back to normal :-)

So, as I mentioned, I took yesterday off of work...more as a mental health day, but it also was an opportunity to get all the sickness in me out as well through rest and relaxation. I didn't realize how much I needed to just have a day all to myself, without seeing anyone. I'm currently house sitting/dog sitting...so my day was spent playing with the dog, finishing my christmas shopping and wrapping presents. It was really really great! Not only am I no longer feeling sickly...but I also feel more balanced...a lot more balanced than I have felt in a long long time.

16 December 2005

New blog space!

It came to my attention that the non-posting capabilities on xanga for anyone without a xanga subscription was slightly annoying. So here I am setting up on blogger that way y'all can post messages and comments whenever you want!

I'll also try to post a little more frequently than I have been on xanga recently...but not today. I'm too cold and need some hot apple cider after walking to work across frost covered ground. I've been told that it was 25 degrees last night here in Seattle....BRRRR! That's east coast weather! It's not supposed to get that cold in the Emerald City!