10 August 2006

It's all about Beckham...

...and soccer, I suppose. Went to the Real Madrid vs. D.C. United game last night, and was one of the 68,000 spectators who were drooling over Beckham. Lisa and I both were insanely jealous of the little girl who got to walk out with Beckham when the players were announced...he held her hand and draped his arms on her shoulders the entire time. *swoon* The above picture is from the warm up before the game. Beckham is the one in front with his back to the camera, wearing those awesome blue shoes (that he wore during the World Cup as well...I love those shoes!). The game itself was pretty awesome as well. It was an interesting experience to be in an almost sold out stadium for a soccer game, and then to have EVERYONE cheering for both teams. The final score was 1-1 and there were some really great shots on goal. I felt really bad for Freddy Adu, the 17 year old on D.C. United, because all the older players were tripping him, hitting him, and the ref was against him the entire time. He seemed to be a bit frustrated about that...not that I blame him.

Anyway, I tried getting some more shots of Beckham, but the only way I could get anything descent was to use my digital zoom...which created some funky pixelized photos...so I decided to have some fun in photoshop:

This one is a fun one with brush strokes over the image.

And then Beckham in color pencil.

And last but not least...Beckham under plastic wrap!

01 August 2006

Coup de Boule

So I read an article on the BBC online today that was talking about this song that has been sweeping France. It's called "Coup de Boule" or Headbutt, and it's by La Plage. Apparently the recording company, La Plage, made up this song as a joke right after Zidane headbutted the Italian and then proceeded to help lose the game because he didn't play. This little joke of a song, though, became a huge success and now is played on all the radio stations and all the beaches :-)

After reading this article I, of course, became quite curious to hear the song for myself. I found it online...and I have to say, for any of you who understands French, you must check out the music video at the link below (click on the link for "clip de Coup de Boule)...too funny! And even if you don't understand French I think you'd still find it funny. Enjoy!

  • La Plage Records