27 June 2008

perfect symmetry

I was reading a french photo blog one day, Zoum Zoum, and the blogger had images by Julien Benhamou up. Julien's symmetry portfolio is all about exploring the "perfection" of a symmetrical body or face. Since Craig and I needed a bit of a destresser at the end of this intense work week we decided to try and copy Julien's idea. So we went down to our imac, took some head shots and then Craig did some flipping and flopping in photoshop to create new versions or our faces with perfect symmetry. So, can you tell which image below is the real me?


Danny said...

Ooh, I know, I know! It's the first one! I also think your left side doubled (well, the left side looking at the picture--your right side) looks more like you than the other side. Interesting!

Suzanna said...

the second one - am I right???