29 January 2010

...Feels more like 6 days....ok, so I never ended up posting any more from my trip to Europe over the summer. I'll try and get some pictures together from that and do an abbreviated roundup of the journey for whoever is still reading this (ahem, Dan).

In the mean time I will just apologize, once again, for my lameness. And this time I'm not going to make any promises about keeping up with this blog, because obviously that doesn't help...and instead will be plastering my computer with small yellow sticky notes reminding me to update my blog (photographic evidence to come). And Dan, thanks for the little kick in the butt comment :)

Getting back into the blogging spirit is going to take a bit of time I think, because I really have no idea what to write at the moment...however, I did find some fun pictures when I did a quick peak at what I've got in my photo archive that hasn't gotten any screen time. Plus, one of the pictures is quite relevant as it fits in with a fake holiday that's coming up soon...so enjoy!

uh oh! someone had a bit too much fun...

Be my Valentine?


Danny said...

Hooray! who knew I had such power?! I can't wait to see the photos, and I'm sure that you have all sorts of great stories to tell the internet. How about one post a month?

yimfay said...

Love love the hello kitty. I do think that she can be quite dangerous. ;)